Friday, January 13, 2017

Review: Supergirl #5

Supergirl #5 came out this week and was something of a statement issue for this new direction. Writer Steve Orlando fills this issue with scenes showing Kara's strength, resolve, and her sentiment towards her new world. If you want a primer on who this Supergirl is, you might start here.

One of my minor complaints about this Rebirth book has been the theme of Supergirl needing to recognize Earth as her home and say goodbye to Krypton once and for all. While that is clearly an important aspect of the character's life, it had been told already ... and recently.

I suppose DC might say that not enough people were reading the last title to have it be in the collective memory. After all, one point of Rebirth was to bring in new readers. But for someone invested in the character, some of the ideas bandied about here - Kara missing Krypton, unsure how much she likes Earth, even a little annoyed by the low-tech here - has been well trod material.

Still, I should be lighting a candle here. Based on the things Kara does and says here, it looks like this plot isn't going to linger. We know how Kara feels about Earth now and she sounds pretty resolute in her acceptance and love of the planet. I am thrilled.

Brian Ching brings a real energy to the proceedings too. I have to say I am slowly warming to his style. Some things still irk me a little. But overall, this issue really buzzed art-wise. There was a real dynamic feel that flowed. And there can be no denying that Natalie Dormer is his model for Supergirl. Look at every panel and see if you don't see Dormer there. Uncanny.

On to the book.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Stanhope Sighting

As a longtime Supergirl fan, I am thrilled when creators recognize her history and mythos. When writers throw in nibbles of prior continuity or bring back Supergirl-specific Rogues, it brings a smile to my face.

And it seems like current Supergirl writer Steve Orlando is doing just that. We already saw him name drop  Leesburg   in Midnighter and Apollo. In the Supergirl book, he named the DEO base #252. We saw a glimpse of someone who might be a main universe Belinda Zee.

And now in the Justice League of America: The Atom one shot, Orlando name dropped Stanhope College.

Here at Ivy University, Ryan Choi meets his dude-bro roommate Adam Cray.

Cray almost when to Stanhope for their rugby program. But instead he ended up a Ivy.

Stanhope College!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Back Issue Review: Supergirl #8 (1972)

This week I re-watched the Supergirl show episode titled 'Medusa', the mid-season finale for the show. Thankfully, the show returns in a couple of weeks.

But the idea of Supergirl and Medusa in the episode reminded me of Supergirl #8, from way back in 1972. This is a story where Supergirl fought the literal Medusa, not a virus named after the Greek gorgon of myth. And it is such a ridiculous story, I felt that I needed to share.

And trust me, this is pure 1970's comic zaniness. The plot doesn't make 100% sense. It is moves at a rocket pace. More happens in this issue than two years worth of comics these days. We travel the world. And the action is insane. Sometimes you just need to sit back and immerse yourself in the crazy. If you do, you will love this issue.

At the very least, we get to see Hawkman, Batman, and Green Lantern turned into statues. I mean, how can you look at this beautiful Bob Oksner cover and not want to read this!

Get read ...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sterling Gates Writing For The CW Supergirl Show & Other News

Back in late December, Sterling Gates tweeted out this mysterious photo. At the time, it was unclear just what he was doing on the set of the Supergirl show but everyone was excited that one of the best Supergirl comic writers was somehow involved with the televisions series.

Last week, Supergirl TV unraveled the mystery and announced that Gates wrote an upcoming episode for the show! Here is that link:    Furthermore, it is now known that Gates will be writing the episode with Mr. Mxyzptlk!

As a Supergirl comic fan, I am thrilled that Gates is getting this opportunity. And we know that he feels comfortable with this version of Kara given the excellent Adventures of Supergirl run he wrote last summer.

I also know that Gates is a huge Superman fan as well. I can't wait to see what mischief Mxy is going to be up to. As written here before, Mxyzptlk has plenty of history with Supergirl in all incarnations. He has done everything from destroy her middle school to want to marry her. So will this be a silly 5th dimensional imp? Or an evil sorceror type?

Episode 13 is scheduled to drop on 2/20 (if my math serves me right). Can't wait!

More recently,  the show got early word that they will be back for season 3! That's incredible. Here is some coverage by Entertainment Weekly:

Think about how much we fretted over the show coming back for season two. Hearing that the CW recognizes what they have and committing to it! This is thrilling!

And then even kookier "news". The Music Meister, famed one-shot villain in an incredibly entertaining episode of Batman Brave and the Bold television show, has been named as the villain in the musical crossover episode between Flash and Supergirl. Here is a link:

I think as soon as the musical crossover was discussed that fans everywhere clamored and begged for the Music Meister to be the villain. I guess this is news but it isn't surprising.

Incredible stuff all around!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Injustice 2 Upgrades

During the holiday season, another preview of Supergirl in Injustice 2 video game aired here:

As I have said before, I am not a gamer. I used to be but adult life simply means I can't devote the time to video games that I used to. (Maybe if I didn't blog so much?) But seeing snippets like this always tempt me. Maybe some of my buddies who are more active in gaming can be lured into playing.

The graphics here are incredibly good, even better than the early images we saw in the prior  Injustice 2 preview.

It starts with this new costume with the sleeveless shirt and the gladiator shoulder pads. This is Injustice, a brutal fighting game. Having a costume that resembles in some ways a warrior or even a professional wrestler makes sense. The face and expressions are fantastic. She looks young and vibrant and close enough to real to make her shine.

But it is the powers that were the real lure.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Review: Superman #14

The Superman books have been firing on all cylinders since the #Rebirth event rebooted things. With the pre-Flashpoint Lois and Clark headlining the books, there has been a re-invigoration to the proceedings and a rediscovery of the basic tenets of what Superman should be.

Now we are six months into this 'new' universe and it is time to put the pedal down. We know the mystery of Mr. Oz and the human Clark Kent is going to be addressed in just a couple of months. And now we have this opening chapter to Multiplicity, a story which feels like a sequel to Grant Morrison's Multiversity seen through a #Rebirth lens. And I couldn't be more thrilled.

Superman #14 was written by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason with art by the mega-event team of Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. It has two great covers but I prefer this variant by Andrew Robinson which is a riff off of Crisis #7. And the issue is a great opening chapter to this new arc in which there is a multiversal war against all the Supermen that exist. This issue for the most part is a long fight sequence. I suppose my one quibble would be to wonder if the fight could be briefer to give more story. But I suppose the length of the battle was needed to cement the threat level.But enough crumbs and hints were dropped around the fights to grab me. The art is gorgeous. Having Reis and Prado as the artists gave this a sort of summer blockbuster feel. I want to read more now and that is always a good sign.

And I suppose I do have more to read. I think I need to break out the main Multiversity mini-series, the Multiversity Guidebook, and even the Final Crisis: Superman Beyond mini. And that's a lot of Morrison. But I think they may remind me and inform me about some things I might be missing.

On to the book!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

March 2016 Solicits

The March solicits for DC Comics were released earlier this month and as usual there were a couple of surprises and some interesting things to mull over. I have to say, I am very excited for March not only for the Supergirl stuff but also the Superman stuff. It seems as if things might be coming to a head with the summer peeking around the corner when these issues come out.

While I'll be looking forward to the super-books, here is a link to look over all the solicits:

Variant cover by BENGAL
“Mission Mind”! Supergirl’s powers mean nothing when she’s trapped inside the consciousness of a killer. Creeping through the mind of a Kryptonian monster, Supergirl finds herself on a suicide mission to return Lar-On to sanity inside the D.E.O.

This seems like a great concept. Supergirl in Lar-On's mind trying to help his madness. These sort of Dreamscape stories give the creators a lot of liberty which should make this interesting.

I don't know Matias Bergara's art at all so I look forward to see what he brings to the book!

And there are more books!